Piovono kiwi a pecorelle

(10 febbraio 2006) African Prayer

Stay part of the LIVE 8 LIST

Last summer, because of concerts and campaigning
around the globe, world leaders made some big promises on aid and debt
cancellation. These promises could save millions of lives. Everyone knows that politicians love to sign cheques, but they’re less keen on cashing them…

Please reaffirm your commitment and make sure these cheques are cashed by clicking on this link to stay a part the LIVE 8 LIST. (If you don’t follow the link we won’t be able to contact you again).

Every day, 3,000 people are dying because of a mosquito bite – malaria, a treatable, preventable disease. Our generation can put an end to the extreme, stupid poverty which means that this can happen.
Your voice makes all the difference to how seriously our governments
take this… whether they do what they promised. And when they do the
right thing. things do change. Because of debt cancellation for Uganda,
twice as many children are going to school. Because of money committed
to fighting AIDS, over half a million Africans are alive thanks to
life-saving HIV drugs.

LIVE 8 was just one memorable day.
We need your voice for much longer to make sure it’s remembered not
just for the music, but for the numerous lives it helped save. Please
stay in touch.






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